Warm and Cozy

This is my little guy wrapped up in a blanket that one of my friend’s daughters made for him. It’s so soft and snuggly, and apparently tastes very good.

When my Mom saw the pictures of Robert “feeding” himself she was absolutely agasht. She really thought that instead of reaching for the camera I should have taken the carrots away. She thought I was plum crazy when I started explaining that this is such important brain building activity. Everything he touches and picks up creates a new “bridge” in his brain that will be so important for learning later on in life. He learned strained carrots are squishy and they are pretty good finger paint. Eventually this sensory input will lead to him learning his ABC’s and math skills.

Robert stayed up to watch the KU game tonight. Then he was wired for a bit. We rocked for a bit and I got him pretty well settled and laid him down in his crib. After about 10 minutes he wiggled and goo’d himself to sleep.

I’m off to get his bag ready for tomorrow and clean up the kitchen. I’d really like to know why the kitchen is always a total wreck when Jim leaves town. We’ll have to talk about that when he gets home 🙂


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