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Did You Hear It???

A big old gigantic sigh of relief about 3pm central… that was me. Mom’s biopsy went fine. The surgeon didn’t think it looked cancerous and said it was very small so on the off chance it is malignant we’ve caught it very early. We’ll get the final word next Wednesday but I really trust her surgeon.

She will continue to be her cantankerous self. Cantankerous is how the nurse who came to fetch me to go to the recovery room described her. The surgeon also told me that she informed him that this needs to be done with because she is really busy the next month so she doesn’t have time to be unwell. That’s my Mom!

We got to the hospital at 10:30 and had her lab work done. Then they took her to the surgery prep area. When I got back there she told me she had talked to the anesthesiologist. I asked if she had told him that she had a stroke a few years ago. She had forgotten to.. said it just doesn’t cross her mind. So I tracked him down. Luckily he had seen it in her chart and taken the necessary precautions. Then they took her to radiology to put in a needle to mark where they were supposed to be looking. She came back to the surgery waiting area with an old family friend…. the mother of my brother’s best friend. Marie had heard Mom’s voice in the hallway. So we spent some time catching up. Had to show her some pictures of Mr. Robert too. Of course the procedure was supposed to be at noon so she went back at 1:45.. she got bumped by an appendectomy. By the time they came for her she was more than ready.

Can I just say there were a plethora of people in the outpatient surgery waiting are who have no idea how to act in public. Loudly cursing and dropping the “F” bomb at will. The worst was the last group I got stuck waiting with. There were six of them and one of me. They were belching. Not burping, not trying to be polite about it, just openly belching. Then Mom, Aunt, Uncle and Grandma got into a discussion about one of the kids who got kicked off the bus for threatening to beat up a kid. The consensus they came to was he should just wait for school to end, find the other kid and “whip his ass”. That way he wouldn’t get suspended because “he’s a really good boy” and “he’s already had in school suspension too much this year.” I swear somewhere several villages are missing their idiots.

We left the hospital at 4. Mom had a prescription for Vicodin but didn’t want to get it filled. I insisted that we did telling her she’d be better off having it and not taking it than needing it tonight and not having it. Of course Mom had a ton of things for me to bring home. Bath salts, body bars, new loofahs and a picture frame for me. For Robert, a white linen short suit. Jacket, t-shirt and shorts. It’s absolutely adorable. And he also got a Shel Silverstein book. Got her settled in and fed her and then headed home. I got home about 6:30pm. Ten and a half hours, 180 miles… I’m toast but totally relieved.



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Any Way You Look at It

Yes, he’s just as adorable from the back as he is from the front!!! Now that two bottom teeth have broken through the gum he is teething harder than ever! I finally pried my finger out of his mouth long enough to get him teething duck, which he loves. It has a nubby little surface and it seems to feel really good on his gums. Of course, he has one sock off… that’s typical of him these days.

Jim called this afternoon to tell me he was going out to dinner with his class (he’s teaching this week but luckily it’s in town) so Robert and I were on our own tonight. He really didn’t like his chicken and vegetables at dinner time but he absolutely woofed down the apple, banana, strawberry mix. I think he would have eaten a second container if I had opened it for him.

It looks like May is going to be home improvement month around here. Harley has ripped the heck out of the bedroom carpet. Luckily after peeling back some carpet we have discovered the hardwoods underneath look to be in beautiful condition. I didn’t really want hardwoods in the bedroom but Jim did so I guess he won this one.

We’re also going to tear up the carpet in the basement and put down vinyl tile. It will be a lot easier to clean up if we continue to have water problems. We’re also working on fixing the water problems. I think we’ve figured out where in the front of the house we need to build up to direct the water away. In the back we’re going to direct the sump pump water into a rain barrel. It’s currently just shooting out right by the foundation (brilliant whoever put it in that way!) If we do a rain barrel it will solve the problem with it being directed right back to the basement and also be environmentally friendly. We’ll be able to direct it anywhere in the yard we want. I found a place that’s doing rain barrel workshops in May where for $35 you make your own rain barrel to take home. I’m signing Jim up for the May 10th one and if it goes well he’ll go back to another one later in May to do a second barrel to put under the downspouts. Going green and staying clean… that’s our new thing!

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Sunday Morning

Boy was I tired this morning! Robert woke up at 6. Thank goodness Jim got up. I finally rolled out about 9. Jim made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and we all dove in. After breakfast it was a flurry of people packing and getting ready to leave. Doyle helped Jim move a china cabinet into the dining room from the garage — yeah, things coming out of the garage!!! Of course, Cosmo had to do a complete inspection of it.

Deb & Doyle promised they would be back this summer… after all we do still have the World’s of Fun tickets. We also talked about meeting in Omaha one weekend and going to the zoo there.

We’re also going to have to find a weekend to go visit them. We love to go up there for Fourth of July but this year we have a wedding I cannot miss on the 5th.

After they hit the road all three of us took a nap. Actually make that five… Cosmo and Harley were napping too.

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Saturday Night – Family Time and Tuckering the Dog Out

When we got home from shopping Jim had prepared a delicious dinner (two hour rule). We had hand cut steaks, grilled corn, salad, asparagus and a broccoli with Italian sausage dish that was a huge hit.

After dinner Robert finally went to sleep about 8ish… once again he had to be in the middle of all the action. Once he was in bed I joined the others outside. Anna and Ella were playing with Harley and she was in hog heaven. By the end of the night she was absolutely exhausted.

Aaron built us a fire in the fire ring and we watched the kiddos play and talked. At 9pm we had fresh baked cookies (since it had been two hours since dinner). About 10:30 we all piled in to bed absolutely exhausted. Actually Harley curled up in a chair outside about 9:30pm. She looked at me as if to say “carry me inside”. Those kiddos wore her out.

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Saturday Afternoon – Liberty Memorial and WWI Museaum

The Liberty Memorial is the only memorial in the US to World War 1. A few years ago it was renovated and they added a museum. We hadn’t been to the museum yet and I have to say it was VERY impressive. When you enter there is a glass bridge with poppies about 10 feet below it that you walk across. Each poppy represents 100,000 dead. The museum displays are interesting and visually appealing. There is also a lot of interactive stuff. It held the attention of all the kiddos and was a great history lesson for them. Aaron is a history buff so he really enjoyed it.

You can go to the top of the tower. It’s an elevator ride followed by 45 spiral steps. The tower is as skinny on the inside as it looks from the outside. So is the platform on top but the view is awesome! Deb, Anna, Ella & Robert chose to skip that.

When we got home we had a snack of fresh baked soft pretzels (of course, it had been two hours!) Aaron and Ella took a nap. I love the picture of them napping.

Deb, Doyle, Anna, Sarah and I decided to go shopping. Jim stayed home with Robert and the other two kiddos.

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Saturday Morning – City Market

Saturday morning started about 7am as everyone started rolling out. Jim made pancakes for everyone and we discussed the options for the day. We decided it was going to be too cool for a day at World’s of Fun and we didn’t want to waste our tickets by going and having to leave after a few hours.

Debbie took care of and played with Robert. Ella kept calling Robert “Baby Robert”. Deb gave him a bath and his morning bottle and put him down for a nap. Doyle made the mistake of talking in the hallway and was quickly chastised by Ella, “Shhh Daddy, Baby Robert is sleeping!”

About 10am we finally had a game plan in place and everyone was ready to go. We took off for the City Market to wander the stalls for a bit. While we were there we took a moment to grab a bite to eat at Corrollos. They always have a grill going outside. Between the nine of us we had hot dogs, bratwurst, polish sausage and chicken wings. Thus began the running joke all weekend that it seems when we get together we have to eat every 2 hours.

Jim had a lemon lime soda and Robert REALLY wanted it. It was pretty funny.

When we left we were headed towards the Liberty Memorial. On the way we drove through the new entertainment district and past the Sprint Center.

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Friday Night Birthdays

I thought I’d spread the weekend over a few posts to make it easier to share some of the many pictures we took.

SIL and her family got here about 7:00pm on Friday bringing with them pizza. This was the first time they have stayed with us and I was hoping that they would feel at home and be able to relax. We always have so much fun when we go to visit them. The players are Doyle and Debbie (BIL & SIL) and their four children…. Aaron (15); Sarah (12); Anna (10) and Ella (4). Robert was not quite asleep yet and when he saw all these new faces he decided he wasn’t going to sleep! He wasn’t fussy but he sure wanted to be in the middle of all the action. We’re a loud, fun bunch when we get together. After pizza we surprised Aaron, Sarah and Anna with a little birthday party complete with a little cake for each of them. Aaron’s birthday is in May and Sarah and Anna both had theirs in March. They were really surprised and loved it.

The rest of the evening was spent visiting and catching up on everything and making plans for Saturday since it looked like the weather wasn’t going to cooperate for going to World’s of Fun.

Our house will sleep 9 people! Jim & I were in our room and Robert was in the nursery. Deb, Doyle and Ella had the guest room and the other kids took the couch, loveseat and floor in the living room. It was cozy but so much fun!

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