Mr. Personality

Oh on rough days this little guy can totally brighten things. He has so much personality these days. I have to get the camcorder recharged so I can capture his little giggle… it’s more of a tiny belly laugh. Soooo cute. You cannot not laugh when you hear it. He’s also soooo talkative. He’s working out the mechanics of crawling. Mostly he winds up belly scooting right now but tonight he spent a good amount of time with his little tush in the air trying to figure out what to do next. His teacher says she thinks he’ll be crawling in two weeks. Then there will be absolutely no stopping him.


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    I just can’t get enough of that smile !!! How do you ever decide which photos to have processed? I would have to go in with a card filled with 500 photos and need doubles. lol… I love YOUR KID !!! (Is that weird?)Have a great night !!! ¥

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