Busy Weekend

Wow it was a busy weekend. Saturday we got our taxes done, a lot more pleasant than last year… can you say refund??? Cha-ching!!! I was so happy. I was sweating if we’d have to pay like last year. My friend Janie is our tax professional, she hadn’t met Robert yet and he was totally charming!

We did some shopping on our way home. Robert got a new driving toy that he loves. He also got a new teething ring that lights up and plays music. Harley also got some new toys. The one in the picture is HEAVY. Takes a lot to heft it across the yard for her but she loves it.

When we got home Saturday we got the beds moved around and the new bed is FINALLY in the bedroom! Only took four months! It is so comfy. I absolutely love it. I have to look to see if Jim is in bed, I really can’t feel him move.

Saturday night our friend Greg came by with his wine bottle opener. It’s got a CO gas cartridge in it and is the neatest darn thing you’ve ever seen. We sat around drinking wine and watching the KU game. At 10pm the doorbell rang… our doorbell never rings! It was my nephew and his best friend. They had been out shopping and decided to stop by our place on the way home… of course, the night we’re sitting around blazing through wine. Luckily no one was fall down drunk or anything. They got Dr. Pepper’s and visited for about a half hour then were on their way. We wound up drinking five bottles of wine! It’s been forever since we did that.

Sunday we took it really easy! A lot of playing with Robert and getting a few things around for this week.

Tonight we’re geared up for the big game… Rock Chalk… I could usually care less but Jim is a HUGE KU fan so I’m trying to be supportive.


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