He is My Sunshine

I did this layout last night while watching the game. The template is Miss Mint’s Scrap Snap 2 pg. 4. Papers are from Carrie Stephen’s Sunshine & Rainbows.

Tonight I put together this Drive! layout. The template is Heather Ann’s Quick Fill #40; paper and embellishments are Micheline Martin’s Room A Zoom Zoom kit

In other randomness, we watch a lot of reality TV around here. Don’t tell my mother. Tonight was the Real Housewives of NYC. Can I just say Alex is one of the most pretentious bitches I’ve ever seen. I mean come on… your whole life is about “making connections”… um, excuse me honey, you and your clingy husband are users. You can’t have real friendships because all you ever look for is how the other person can help you. BORING!!! And Ramona… oh my God get over yourself. You have absolutely no idea what class is. If your husband had any sense he’d divorce you immediately in hopes of you not totally ruining your daughter… who time and again has shown she has a heck of a lot more common sense than you.

On to Celebrity Fit Club… um, Dustin Diamond.. please tell me this is an act. Your just trying to be controversial to revive your non-existent career. Please tell me you don’t really believe you are as powerful as you portray. Ugh!!!

Other current favorite train wrecks… Hell’s Kitchen & I Know My Kid’s A Star.


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