Rain Go Away!!!

Look who is sitting unassisted for long periods of time. He’s so good!!! He can’t get into a sitting position by himself yet but once he’s there he can sustain it for a long time. He can even pick up toys or play with his toes and go back to sitting up. Occasionally he gets a bit overconfident and winds up falling over but for the most part he’s really getting it. He’s just growing so quickly! I can’t believe it’s six months Sunday.

Today he was cranky in the afternoon at school. It’s gotta be the teeth. He woke up once tonight already fussy and just wanted to be held (which I was more than happy to do!) I really think he’s going to get two bottom teeth within days of each other. Wish there was something more than tyleonol or orajel we could do to help him.

He was pretty playful when we got home. I let him hang out in his crib while I restocked diapers, straightened the nursery, etc. Then we moved to the floor and he worked some more on his crawling. He’s still going backwards but he’s getting up on all fours more.

Today was rainy and cold. I am so sick of this weather!!! Tomorrow cloudy but a little warmer.. then more rain through Saturday… we’re going to have to build an ark. The Royals did manage to get their home opener in against the Yankees today and they won. Friday is Autism Awareness Night at the K. I was thinking about going but it’s going to be cold and miserable so we’ll have to wait to take Robert out to the ballgame.

There is a robin who started building a nest in the tree outside by our deck off the bedroom last night. This morning I took a picture and tonight when I came home she was finished. I’m hoping to see baby robins soon. That would be really cool.

Sunday it’s supposed to be lower sixties. Maybe we can get out and enjoy some sunshine after we get Robert’s six month portrait done.

Happy Birthday tomorrow to Kyra. Hope it’s a great one!!!


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