At Grandma’s House

We had a great time out at my Mom’s today. Robert had a few fussy moments but between his teeth and his vaccinations that was to be expected. Last night was rough for him and he woke up a few times just absolutely sobbing. It was so sad. He doesn’t get that way very often so it’s really hard to hear but we made it through.

My nephew is such a great playmate for Robert. He is great about getting down on the floor and playing with all the toys with Robert. He nicknamed Robert “Turbo” today.

A few of mom’s friends stopped by to meet Robert and one of my high school teachers dropping off some information for Mom on a committee they are serving on came in to meet him. My aunt and uncle were also in the area so they came by. Robert enjoyed seeing his Great Aunt Barb.

Jim was in Unionville today trying to get the tractors moved. There was one he could not get started and luckily he was smart enough to realize that pushing it down a hill trying to get a rolling start was not a good idea. It would have been at least 6pm before I started getting worried about him not being back and trying to locate him three hours away in a town I’m not even sure how to get to. I think next time I’ll go with him… or make sure his cousin Dennis will be home to help him out.

Robert’s finally asleep tonight and we’re piled down watching Star Wars. I need to be getting our clothes ready for tomorrow but I’m just too tired. Maybe I’ll get my second wind.


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