Horrible Would Be An Improvement

So last week I scheduled Robert’s 6 month portrait at our local Sears studio. I know Sears not as good as a “professional” photographer but I’m on a budget this time (saving photographer for some fun summer family shoots) and just wanted a nice shot of him and a couple of family ones and the all important all shots on CD. I scheduled the appointment for 12:30… a good time of day for Robert. The studio called Friday to confirm. I was told we were the second appointment, gave a list of what kind of shots we wanted, etc.

Robert woke up in a great mood today. We had our bath, got dressed, looked nice, in a good mood. Got to the studio at 12:15. Family one had just finished up but there was another family there.. a walk in who got to walk in ahead of us. For 45 minutes we kept Robert entertained and reasonably happy. Finally at 1:00 we got in with the photographer, who had her toddler daughter with her being “Mommy’s helper”. I was not impressed. I’m sorry if she couldn’t find child care today or whatever but her job is really not conducive to having a toddler butting in.

We started the session. She was impatient and had another family lined up outside waiting. She was too busy snapping willy nilly to wait for the good shots. Then she suggested we stand him leaning against a posing cube. I stood him up and she told me to come around to the other side and put my foot against the cube. The minute I took a step to do that she moved her foot causing the cube to shift and Robert to fall… and bump his head. Now, he didn’t fracture his skull, he’s not injured, I’m not suing but by this point, he is done… and so am I. He’s scared and crying and not calming down as quick as he usually does. I told the photographer we were leaving. She asked if I wanted to buy any of the shots she has taken… um no. You have been rushing us through this after making us wait, I take better shots than you do and you caused my child to bump his head… I won’t be paying you for this. I asked for the corporate number and her name which she wrote down for me.

We got Robert calmed down and to the car. I called Portrait Innovations and they can take us at 4:30 today. Then I called corporate to tell them of my horrible experience. All they heard was baby bumped head. Apparently there is a form the photographer is supposed to fill out because of the “accident”. So now someone from Risk Management will be calling me tomorrow. If we feel a need to go to the doctor or hospital Sears will pay for it. (See above, I said he’s fine) They also offered to send me some coupons for my next session… like I’m ever going back there.


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  1. Jess

    oh my goodness don’t even get me started on Sears Portrait Studios….I wrote a long and very unhappy letter after going there with my sister-in-law and niece many years ago….I swore I would never go back and tell everyone how horrible our experience was. It was frighteningly similar to your experience (minus the bumped head – sorry!!) – I didn’t step foot in a Sears for years after that. Love the pictures you ended up with at the other place – very nice!

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