Dogs, Cats & Llamas – Oh My!

We took Robert to the Pet Expo today. He was absolutely on the edge of his stroller the whole trip! He loved seeing all of the animals and got to pet (and be licked by) quite a few dogs. There were even llamas and a police horse there. We skipped the reptile section (ick!) They had a dock diving competition going on and we got information about signing Harley up for dock diving… I think she’s be really good and enjoy it a lot. Yes, I worry that my dog does not feel fulfilled and self-confident.

Talked to Jim’s sister today and they are definitely coming this weekend. She asked if we wanted them to stay in a hotel… HA! No way! It’s going to be a house full! Four adults, five kids ranging in age from 6 months to 15, a dog and a cat. I started getting the house in order today. I started with my closet. Trying to get down to a manageable amount of clothing… how many pairs of jeans do I need? How many pairs of khaki pants? How many t-shirts for crying out loud. I’m really paring down.. trying not to be a slave to stuff. Got the new linens on the guest bed and the drawers of the dressers in there cleaned out. Also gathering up spare pillows and taking blanket inventory so the kiddos have bedding. Friday night I think we’re going to do a make your own pizza bar and a group birthday party for their three older kiddos. We never get to see them at their birthdays. Anna and Sarah’s were in March and Aaron’s is coming up in May. I’m going to go to the store bakery and get three small cakes wit their names on them. We’re hoping to go to World’s of Fun Saturday if the weather is cooperating. Backup plan to that is the Nelson Atkins Gallery or the Harry Truman Library. A lot to do to get ready for their visit. I’m taking Friday off so that I can grocery shop, do last minute cleaning, etc. Jim is on the road Tuesday and Wednesday so that makes a bit more for me to do that evening.

Jim’s been sick-ish this weekend. I finally sent him to a Take Care Health clinic today. He has an ear infection and got some antibiotics. I was just afraid he wouldn’t be able to get in with the doctor tomorrow and then would be miserable on the road.

Marva came by yesterday. It was so great to see her!!! We cannot let so much time go by again. Myles (her 12 year old) is playing baseball in two leagues. I told her to get us his schedules and maybe we can come to a game or two.

Robert was in a wild mood tonight. Stayed up until after 8:30pm! So unlike him. I think it’s because we turned on the air and the kid finally felt a little better. I fear he has allergies. Poor little guy.


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One response to “Dogs, Cats & Llamas – Oh My!

  1. MNScrapbookmom

    Looks like everyone had fun this day !!! Love Robert’s little face getting kisses from the animals. 🙂
    Allergies are high in my house right now – hope the little man continues to feel better. ¥

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