Saturday Afternoon – Liberty Memorial and WWI Museaum

The Liberty Memorial is the only memorial in the US to World War 1. A few years ago it was renovated and they added a museum. We hadn’t been to the museum yet and I have to say it was VERY impressive. When you enter there is a glass bridge with poppies about 10 feet below it that you walk across. Each poppy represents 100,000 dead. The museum displays are interesting and visually appealing. There is also a lot of interactive stuff. It held the attention of all the kiddos and was a great history lesson for them. Aaron is a history buff so he really enjoyed it.

You can go to the top of the tower. It’s an elevator ride followed by 45 spiral steps. The tower is as skinny on the inside as it looks from the outside. So is the platform on top but the view is awesome! Deb, Anna, Ella & Robert chose to skip that.

When we got home we had a snack of fresh baked soft pretzels (of course, it had been two hours!) Aaron and Ella took a nap. I love the picture of them napping.

Deb, Doyle, Anna, Sarah and I decided to go shopping. Jim stayed home with Robert and the other two kiddos.


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    WOW… these are great photos, thanks for posting them. I love the poppy display. So powerful… ¥

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