Saturday Morning – City Market

Saturday morning started about 7am as everyone started rolling out. Jim made pancakes for everyone and we discussed the options for the day. We decided it was going to be too cool for a day at World’s of Fun and we didn’t want to waste our tickets by going and having to leave after a few hours.

Debbie took care of and played with Robert. Ella kept calling Robert “Baby Robert”. Deb gave him a bath and his morning bottle and put him down for a nap. Doyle made the mistake of talking in the hallway and was quickly chastised by Ella, “Shhh Daddy, Baby Robert is sleeping!”

About 10am we finally had a game plan in place and everyone was ready to go. We took off for the City Market to wander the stalls for a bit. While we were there we took a moment to grab a bite to eat at Corrollos. They always have a grill going outside. Between the nine of us we had hot dogs, bratwurst, polish sausage and chicken wings. Thus began the running joke all weekend that it seems when we get together we have to eat every 2 hours.

Jim had a lemon lime soda and Robert REALLY wanted it. It was pretty funny.

When we left we were headed towards the Liberty Memorial. On the way we drove through the new entertainment district and past the Sprint Center.


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