Sunday Morning

Boy was I tired this morning! Robert woke up at 6. Thank goodness Jim got up. I finally rolled out about 9. Jim made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and we all dove in. After breakfast it was a flurry of people packing and getting ready to leave. Doyle helped Jim move a china cabinet into the dining room from the garage — yeah, things coming out of the garage!!! Of course, Cosmo had to do a complete inspection of it.

Deb & Doyle promised they would be back this summer… after all we do still have the World’s of Fun tickets. We also talked about meeting in Omaha one weekend and going to the zoo there.

We’re also going to have to find a weekend to go visit them. We love to go up there for Fourth of July but this year we have a wedding I cannot miss on the 5th.

After they hit the road all three of us took a nap. Actually make that five… Cosmo and Harley were napping too.


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    What a neat cabniet… Peek a Boo-Cosmo. ¥

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