Did You Hear It???

A big old gigantic sigh of relief about 3pm central… that was me. Mom’s biopsy went fine. The surgeon didn’t think it looked cancerous and said it was very small so on the off chance it is malignant we’ve caught it very early. We’ll get the final word next Wednesday but I really trust her surgeon.

She will continue to be her cantankerous self. Cantankerous is how the nurse who came to fetch me to go to the recovery room described her. The surgeon also told me that she informed him that this needs to be done with because she is really busy the next month so she doesn’t have time to be unwell. That’s my Mom!

We got to the hospital at 10:30 and had her lab work done. Then they took her to the surgery prep area. When I got back there she told me she had talked to the anesthesiologist. I asked if she had told him that she had a stroke a few years ago. She had forgotten to.. said it just doesn’t cross her mind. So I tracked him down. Luckily he had seen it in her chart and taken the necessary precautions. Then they took her to radiology to put in a needle to mark where they were supposed to be looking. She came back to the surgery waiting area with an old family friend…. the mother of my brother’s best friend. Marie had heard Mom’s voice in the hallway. So we spent some time catching up. Had to show her some pictures of Mr. Robert too. Of course the procedure was supposed to be at noon so she went back at 1:45.. she got bumped by an appendectomy. By the time they came for her she was more than ready.

Can I just say there were a plethora of people in the outpatient surgery waiting are who have no idea how to act in public. Loudly cursing and dropping the “F” bomb at will. The worst was the last group I got stuck waiting with. There were six of them and one of me. They were belching. Not burping, not trying to be polite about it, just openly belching. Then Mom, Aunt, Uncle and Grandma got into a discussion about one of the kids who got kicked off the bus for threatening to beat up a kid. The consensus they came to was he should just wait for school to end, find the other kid and “whip his ass”. That way he wouldn’t get suspended because “he’s a really good boy” and “he’s already had in school suspension too much this year.” I swear somewhere several villages are missing their idiots.

We left the hospital at 4. Mom had a prescription for Vicodin but didn’t want to get it filled. I insisted that we did telling her she’d be better off having it and not taking it than needing it tonight and not having it. Of course Mom had a ton of things for me to bring home. Bath salts, body bars, new loofahs and a picture frame for me. For Robert, a white linen short suit. Jacket, t-shirt and shorts. It’s absolutely adorable. And he also got a Shel Silverstein book. Got her settled in and fed her and then headed home. I got home about 6:30pm. Ten and a half hours, 180 miles… I’m toast but totally relieved.



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2 responses to “Did You Hear It???

  1. Mandy

    Good to hear everything is OK with your mom. I know how stressful waiting can be.

  2. MNScrapbookmom

    WHOA!!! I am so happy to hear that all is well. Your mother is a pilar of strength so it seems. I am glad that she seems back to herself – and I get a kick that she won’t get the Vicodin. I know many people like that. They get scripts and do not get them filled. I am such a baby – I always make it apart of my going home journey… THE STOP FOR DRUGS !!! I am so happy your Mom is well. ¥

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