Tonight I decided to treat myself to a nice soak in the big tub with these bath salts. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to crawl into bed after my bath because little Mr. Tank has all of a sudden decided he would prefer an 8:30pm bedtime rather than the 6:30-7:30pm we have gotten so used to.

It didn’t help that he and I had come home and taken a nap while waiting for Jim to get home. Jim came in and found us in bed and did think to take some pictures. I’ll post them later this week.

Looking at the calendar tonight our summer weekends have become INSANE. We don’t have one weekend in June where we don’t have something scheduled. In May we only have Memorial Day weekend. July is looking just as awful. One of the biggest problems is when Jim is teaching he leaves on Sundays so that makes going out of town for the weekend is tough.

Talked to Mom this morning. She was feeling fine. Apparently counting the minutes until 3pm when she would be medically clear to drive again. She couldn’t sleep last night so she put together a chocolate basket to be raffled off to help raise money for a local young man who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. She’s been asked to help with a pancake breakfast and last night decided she could do a basket and picked out someone to be in charge of selling tickets (who she called this morning to set that up). This woman just does not stop. She told me she did take the vicodin but really wasn’t that uncomfortable.

American Idol contestant David Cook is from Blue Springs, which is where the hospital I was at yesterday is. The town is gearing up for a big celebration if he makes it to the final three. He’s also scheduled to sing the national anthem at the Royals game May 9th.

Now it’s Top Chef. I still really don’t have a favorite this season. In past seasons I’ve always had someone I was rooting for.

There was a very good letter to the editor in the Star today:

In years past when people expressed concern about a possible recession or depression, I always said I could deal with it. I still remembered how to cook beans. But in the current economic situation, my old skills don’t help much.

I know how to make bread, but the price of flour is now beyond my reach. Making the family clothing is possible, but the cost of the supplies surpasses my budget. Macaroni used to be a poor person’s staple, but it changed its name to pasta and the price tripled. The same thing happened to cornmeal mush when it became polenta and the price zoomed.

Now I’m reading how funeral costs have increased. So, at the age of 82, I can’t afford to live and I can’t afford to die. Is there an alternative?

Imogene Lusher

I thought it was an interesting perspective. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about trying the 50 mile challenge with our food where we try to purchase the majority of our food that is produced within 50 miles of our house. I need to talk to Jim about it a bit since he is our resident chef. I know he’d love going to the City Market every Saturday morning. We do have a dairy within 50 miles of here that supplies local groceries. The milk comes in glass bottles so we’d have to remember to return them to the store… once again, that’s a Jim thing. I think he’s also planning on planting a small garden on the south side of the house if the daffy weather ever decides what it’s going to do. It was 80 today… Saturday – supposed to be 59 – of course!


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