Almost Friday

All morning I thought it was Tuesday for some reason. Insane. It wasn’t until I got to the preschool that they corrected me, it’s Thursday! Yee ha! The weather was beautiful today… sunny and 85. Little Mr. Tank was in shorts with his chubby little thighs just begging to be squeezed.

Tonight Jim took care of Robert so that I could do some shopping A-L-O-N-E!!! It was heaven. I ran to Children’s Orchard where they were having a sale… but $10 get a $10 store credit. So I now have a $30 credit to go back later. I also ran to Old Navy and found a few things. To reward Jim I stopped in at the cigar shop and got him some of the new Rocky Patel Decade cigars that were rated 95 in Cigar Aficionado. He was really happy.

Shortly after I got home the tornado sirens started going off so we retreated to the basement for a bit. Robert had a good time playing in his play pen. Luckily the storms have passed so we’re back upstairs in comfort. The meteorologists in our area have been salivating all night. It’s almost as if they want a tornado. Katie Horner is the worst. She drives me up a wall. She’s so bad the other stations make fun of her in their commercials.

Tomorrow I have a 7:30am meeting. Jim will stay home with Robert until I get done with my meeting and come back to pick him up then he will head to work and we’ll head to preschool/office.

Our email is screwed up at work right now. We can send it to the outside world but can’t receive it from the outside world so I’m waiting on a ton of emails. Hopefully it’s back tomorrow.


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