Our Day In Pictures

Jim started ripping up the bedroom carpet today so we’ll now have hardwood floors in the bedroom. We’re doing it in sections so it looks really ghetto-fabulous right now. He leaves town tomorrow so it will look this way for at least a week. I guess eventually I’ll get used to waking up with no carpet under my feet. The floors are actually in pretty good condition. There is one stain by the door that we will need to do some work on.

We took a break from the carpets to head to the Brookside Art Fair. We got this really cool blue dog clock for Robert’s room. Saw some pretty neat stuff but just aren’t ready to buy just yet. We also ran into our friends Bruce & Robin who we haven’t seen in a long time. Robin hadn’t seen Robert since he was 7 weeks… quite a change! Bruce couldn’t believe he was only 6.5 months.

After the art fair it was a very productive/expensive trip to the Home Depot. We got half the tile we’ll need for the basement… another flooring project that will be done in sections. We also got a Little Giant ladder. This should be all the ladder we will ever need! I noticed when I was out on the deck the other day that the gutters on the back of the house are clogged so we need to get that checked out. We also got a wall mount for the TV in the bedroom. It was sitting fairly precariously on the dresser and I’m afraid when Robert starts moving it would pose quite a hazard. Jim installed that when we got home.

When I spoke to neighbor Don yesterday I told him we have a chainsaw if he needed to borrow it to take care of the fallen tree in his yard. He came by this morning to ask to borrow it. Luckily Jim asked him if he had ever used a chain saw… the answer was no… he’s lived in the city all his life and had no clue what to do. So he and Jim agreed to meet up at 5:30 tonight and tackle the tree together. Jim cut it and Don and his son stacked the pieces we can use for our fire pit in our yard. Jim also gave them twine to bundle the pieces that we can’t use. It was a win win for everyone.

While they were taking care of the tree Robert and I worked on his sippy cup skills. So far his favorite thing to do is bang it on the tray and throw it on the floor… occasionally he gets something to drink from it.

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