A Little Shopping

Jim left at about 12:30 today on his way to Sioux City. Robert and I decided it was such a nice day we should head out and do some shopping. We headed up to the Shops at Boardwalk… a nice outdoor strip mall with some of my favorite stores. We ran into Hallmark and got Mother’s Day cards to get in the mail to my Mom and Aunt.

We took a quick spin through Border’s but didn’t get anything. He loves Border’s though. I think it’s because there are a lot of things at his stroller eye level to look at and peak his interest. I also caught him flirting with a few women. He has this sneaky, shy smile that melts hearts.

Then we headed to Archivers for Cosmo Cricket black board books 20% off and I also picked up Stacy Julian’s Photo Freedom book. I NEED to get these photos under control. I usually do one or two orders a month of new Robert pictures. I always order four sets of each print… one for me, one for my mom, one for my aunt and the fourth to be sent out to various relatives who don’t have internet. My pile is out of control. I also need to get better about deleting pictures that are never going to be used. I just can’t seem to delete any of them.

Then we headed to my favorite LSS to check out their sale, buy some more stuff and give Robert some more opportunities to perfect his flirting, he did not disappoint.

When we got home, the fur children, sensing the absence of their father decided to lose their minds for a few hours in an attempt to see if I would lose mine. First, Cosmo went “missing”. I couldn’t find that damn cat anywhere. His current passion is rushing the door whenever we enter or exit so I feared he had sneaked past me when I was bringing Robert in. I finally found that he had somehow gotten himself shut in the laundry room. He was not in there when I left. I have a feeling the dog may have somehow played a part in this.

Then I discovered Cosmo was out of cat food. Not wanting to go out again today I scoured for something he would eat. I found a package of lox in the fridge… his favorite! As I was cutting it up into kitty bite size pieces for him Harley decided it was unfair that she was getting a treat and she wasn’t so she immediately lit into him. Their chasing, clawing, biting, meowing through the kitchen and living room, Robert’s crying and I decide “Yes, I am definitely losing my mind”. Their mission now accomplished, they both settled in for naps.

Robert had dinner and went to sleep around 7. TV is a barren wasteland tonight so I’m going to curl up with my book.


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