May the Force Be With You

Found this tonight blog surfing and thought it was pretty funny. This is not a big political statement on my blog… I just thought it was funny.

Robert has gunky lungs again. The good new is his pulse ox was 98 which is perfect – a huge relief. He is now on an antibiotic, a steroid and a new inhaler. He was a real hit at the doctor’s office as usual. Doc says we have to get him well because his staff is very unproductive when Robert comes to visit. Four nurses total making over him tonight. We got done with the appointment at 7:30 and were home from the pharmacy by 8:45. Ugh! Then we had to do a breathing treatment, have a bottle and take our other medicine. I think I finally got him to sleep by 9:45… he fought it tooth and nail. The good news is he is not coughing as much so hopefully he’s getting some restful sleep.

Of course, it’s also trash night. I’m exhausted. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a lot more productive than today!


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