Tuesday Ramblings

Robert was feeling a lot better today. Almost back to 100%. He’s getting really fast these days. This morning we were playing on my bed before work and before I knew it he was flying off the bed… he zigged when I thought he was going to zag and was gone. Luckily he was fine… I on the other hand about had a heart attack.

Tonight we played safely on the floor in his bedroom. I love his expression in the first photo. The second picture shows his tongue out. This is when he’s concentrating.. it’s so cute.

Jim called today and asked me to make a doctors appointment for him. His cough is back and he is absolutely miserable. He’ll get home tomorrow night and has a doctor appointment Thursday morning. I am so ready for the boys to both be feeling better.. of course I’ll probably get sick then!

Had a long talk with my Mom last night about my nephew. He’s struggling right now. I guess he’s failing everything at school since he’s not applying himself and his mother instead of trying to get him to work to his potential is encouraging him to drop out and get a job… apparently the social security and trust money she gets for him just isn’t enough (grrr!). I think Mom wanted me to step in and do something. That was my first reaction too. “Hey Donald, ya know those concert tickets I basically promised you for your birthday – forget it!” I finally explained to her that I’m not happy about decisions he’s making but he’s not drinking or doing drugs. If he drops out he will quickly find that his life sucks working to give his mother all of his money. When that happens he is welcome here rent free if he is pursuing his education. My whole goal right now is if I can keep him away from the drug scene I can fix anything else later. I can’t be his parent right now. I have to be Aunt Susie… always that safe place to fall. My message to him will remain the same. I want a great life for you, I’m willing to help you get it when you’re ready but above anything else… I will always love you for who you are. I just pray it all works out in the end.


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