Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Robert’s teacher came to my office today with a three rose bouquet. She said Robert had talked to her and they decided to get me some roses for Mother’s Day. She is so good to him, and to me. Today was her day off! When I picked Robert up from preschool he also had a potted miniature carnation for me. Then when Jim got home he came bearing a peace offering in the form of a sweet card and a huge bouquet of flowers! It was a sweet gesture.

Tonight Robert was all go, smiles and giggles. He is starting to figure out forward motion. He actually moved forward today and lunged into a bouncy seat at preschool… that’s my kid, 90 miles and hour with his hair on fire. After a breathing treatment and some bedroom play time we had dinner then we all settled in the living room and Robert put on quite a show for us. On tap for this weekend – some major baby proofing! He’s going to be all over the place before we know it so there are steps that need to be protected and shelves that need to be anchored. We are so not ready for this!

Jim told me they need a bit of time tomorrow alone to work on my Mother’s Day gift and that Sunday they wanted to take me to the zoo but since the weather is not going to be cooperative they have moved to plan b and I need to wear a nice top and put on make up because it will involve pictures.

Mom called tonight to say she got her Mother’s Day card. I’m so behind this year. I sent a donation in her name to a domestic violence shelter she does a lot of work for and her other gift is going to be photos of her other two grandchildren to fill their album . I’m the family photographer so I have all the photos I just need time to scan some pre-digital ones and upload the digital ones. Maybe tomorrow I can get some work done on that.

Work was good today. We got another sponsorship for our event in June so I now definitely have enough money to cover all our expenses. I’m projecting after expenses we will net between $7000 & 15000 for the kids therapy program. Now I need to concentrate on getting some great auction items. Next week I’m speaking the the Clay County Executive Women’s group. I’m hoping to garner some donations there.

For now though I’m ready for a nice weekend with my family and some rest so Jim and I can get to feeling better. I seem to be getting what Jim had… I hope it doesn’t get as bad as his and I can kick it with OTC meds and skip the doctor visit. If nothing else I think Melissa will call me out some antibiotics so I don’t have to take off again to go to the doctor.


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