Didn’t Dodge The Bullet

Last night I woke up feeling like hell. 101.7 fever. Started pushing the tylenol. Got lucky this morning, called the doctor’s office at 8:30 and got a 9:00 appointment. Our doctor was even the one working today… bonus! Sinus infection… allegra and high power antibiotics. Also had him look at a bruise on my back that showed up in January and has refused to go away. He ordered blood work, oh goody. It’s not like I don’t have the crappiest luck ever with blood work.

After the doctor’s office I headed to Target to get prescriptions filled and get our weekly baby stuff. The numbers for the day:
Target Baby Stuff – $100
Target Pharmacy – $46
Doctor Co-Pay – $25
Tank of Gas – $70

So… over $230 spent in an hour and a half and I didn’t even get anything fun… hmmmph!

Jim and I spent the day alternating taking care of Robert. He is a little better than me right now so he got the brunt of it but there were times when Robert wanted his Mommy. He is so funny right now. He’s starting to make forward motion in his crawling, he’s totally enthralled by the remote control and he really didn’t think napping was a good idea today. He took a total of two power naps… one 30 minute and one 2o minute. He’s now snoozing away and should sleep through the night. Hopefully tomorrow we are all feeling better. Jim & Robert have planned a special day for us but if we’re not feeling a whole lot better it’s going to have to be tabled 😦


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