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OK, so she actually just tagged everyone who read her post but here goes my Ten Things Tuesday (even though it’s Wednesday)
1. Last Movie Watched – Star Wars Episode IV (even though I still think of it as Episode I)
2. Last Song Heard on the radio – Not sure, Robert was fussy on the way home and I had a head ache so I wasn’t really paying attention
3. Last Noise Heard at Work – My boss saying “bye Tank” to Robert as we left
4. Last Wish – That we can get over this sinus/lung crap in our house… we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired
5. Last Funny Thing I Heard/Saw – My boss declaring if she didn’t get food soon she was going pass out
6. Last Food I ate – Pudding cup
7. Last Picture I took -This one of Robert (of course)
8. Last Thought – I need to be uploading pictures to Walgreens and writing Robert’s 7 month update for family who don’t have computers
9. Last time I filled up with gas. -Saturday — $70 to fill the Explorer — ouch!
10. Last person I talked to on the phone -Aunt Barb

I got CS3 on my work computer today… whoo hooo!!! Definitely going to be bringing it home on the weekends to play around and learn some more. Also can now update the work website in real time… thank God!!!

The doctor’s office called today, blood work was fine (yeah!) and I don’t have strep (double yeah) and Melissa (our nurse) said to give Robert a kiss on the check from her. Love how they love my boy at our doctor’s office.


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