This little guy had a big day today! We picked up Aunt Barb this morning and after a bit of entertaining she and Uncle Ward we headed to the Legend’s to shop. Aunt Barb is Robert’s biggest fan. She absolutely adores this little guy. She loves spending time with him and I’ve even taken a vacation day later on this month so that we can go to the kiddie farm.

Sales galore! It is apparently dangerous for me to take Aunt Barb baby shopping… we bought a ton of stuff. She kept picking stuff up saying, this is cute. She wants him to wear the brown and orange outfit to the Belmont Party coming up in June.

We cleaned out Osh Kosh. Several shirts, a couple of hats and some shortalls. We also picked up several pairs of pajamas at Carter’s and that cute blue outfit at the Gap.

We had a really nice lunch at the Saddle Chop House where Jim and I ate last time we went out there. I forgot how big their portions are. I had a third of my club sandwich for lunch and a third for dinner… that still leaves another third for tomorrow. Robert ate an entire jar of beef with vegetables and a container of pears for lunch. He sat right up at the table and chowed down.

We finished shopping about 2:45. Robert who was so busy people watching he couldn’t nap fell asleep before we were five feet out of our parking spot and slept all the way home. We were home for about an hour where he played with Harley the whole time! Then we headed to Ronald McDonald house to serve dinner to the families there. When we got home from that he had his dinner and then wanted to play! He played with me for a while, then he played with Harley then he played in his play pen while I got his bottles cleaned and his school bag ready to go. I finally got him to sleep around 8 by rocking him. He should sleep through the night. I didn’t get to sleep until after 2 last night so I am really dragging right now and hope he sleeps through the night tonight. Typed that too soon, he’s crying so I better go check on him.


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    Score on the OshKosh !!! Love their clothes, and Carters… I couldn’t buy my kids enough of those PJ’s. So durable, and comfortable. I love a good sale… ¥

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