Queen of the Doo Doo Heads

I think it’s the teething but the past few days Robert and I have butted heads. When we’ve been home it seems NOTHING I do is right. I swear he thinks I’m Mommy – Queen of the Doo Doo Heads. His schedule got royally off this weekend, combine that with Daddy being gone and his teeth bugging him and you have us right now.

This morning when I took him to his preschool classroom I swear he looked at me like “Thank God, rid of you for a few hours”. First time I dropped by the room he wouldn’t smile at me. The second time I dropped by the room he did actually acknowledge that I existed and flashed me this big grin. That mood held for a while. I picked him up at the usual time and we came home. We played for a while and then he had his dinner. He only ate about half his food and he hadn’t eaten real well at school today either. After dinner he played with his tippy cup in his high chair while I got his bottles ready for tomorrow. I got two bottles done but had to leave the third one for a bit because he was getting fussy. I’m sure the neighbors thought I was beating him when we put on his jammies… he was just wailing. The only thing that made him remotely happy after that was the dog. They are thick as thieves lately. After a while we had our bedtime bottle and he went to sleep.. until I put him in his crib, then the wailing started again. We rocked, we walked, we cuddled. He’d get almost asleep and then start shaking his head or waving his arm – he was fighting so hard. Finally we just spread out on the bed and I let him crawl all over me until he finally wore himself out… after 8:30.

Jim had called when I was trying to get him to sleep. He had eaten and was back in his hotel room and wanted to chat. I had to cut him short because I still had laundry to turn over, dishes to load in the dishwasher and the trash to get out. By the time I was done with that he would have been asleep. He’ll get a little taste this weekend of “home alone with the baby”.

He’s been home with Robert by himself before but never overnight and most of the time Robert is not the stressor it’s everything else that has to get done and you’re the only one to do it. Of course, Thursday I won’t leave until the preschool bag is ready to go and Robert will probably be asleep (if he’s back on his other schedule). Friday night he won’t have to worry about prepping anything for the next day. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to come home Friday night or not. Depends on if they keep Mom in the hospital or not. Saturday I’ll definitely be out at her house and probably Sunday too.


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