Number One Grandson

Robert is the number 2 grandson in the family. Number one is my dear nephew Donald who has so much of his Dad in him it isn’t even funny. Mom talked to him Wednesday and told her about her surgery. She said he took it in stride and didn’t seem real concerned but said to have me call him. Here are our text messages from yesterday.

ME – Granny is out of surgery and doing well. I’ll be taking her home in a few hours.
DKT – How did it go?
ME – It went great. She will recover fully. She is giving the doctor a hard time.
DKT – Ha Ha She’s going home today?
ME – Yes, after she eats something.
DKT – OK That’s good.
ME – Call her tonight. Aunt Barb is staying with her tonight.
DKT – OK I will. I love you guys. (I cried at that one)

ME – Granny is home and doing well.
DKT – Good. She ok?
ME – She is FINE
DKT – Ok, I just worry.

That quiet concern like his Dad always had. His sister on the other hand who was beside herself when she heard has not responded to any of my messages or called.

My Mom is doing great. Her surgery only lasted about an hour. Her blood pressure which is normally high was low all day yesterday so we wound up staying at the hospital until 5. After getting her home, having some dinner and chatting with my Mom and Aunt I finally got home at 9.

My Aunt is staying all day today and tonight. Tomorrow our friend Sherry is coming to spend the night so I told Mom that we would come out for a visit as a family Sunday. She can’t pick Robert up but she can watch him crawl. We also ran into a friend of the family (she is the mother of my brother’s best friend since 3rd grade) and her mother had just passed away. When I told Mom about it when she got to the car she insisted on going back in. Stood up from the wheelchair, looked at the nurse and said “you’re done with me” and headed back into the hospital. I cut the ignition and followed her. I’ve been detailed to make brownies and a fruit bowl to take out to them Sunday.

Robert was so happy to see me this morning. I got lots of smiles and cuddles. We’re getting ready to head out to the City Market for some veggie shopping and to get flowers for the cemetery. Last night was the second night this week I’ve been with Jim. Both nights I didn’t get home until 9… I’m ready to spend some real time with him.


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