End of the Holiday Weekend

When I woke up this morning I couldn’t find the boys. Finally I located them in the basement. Robert sitting as far forward as he could in his swing, swinging and laughing at his Daddy and the dog. Jim was ripping up carpet and getting ready to start laying the new tile in the basement. The basement has flooded a couple of times this year which has prompted up to move up our replace the carpet project by a few months for fear of mold. We have been vigilant about using the steam cleaner to clean the carpets immediately after each flood and by the looks of things that has paid off. No signs of mold underneath the carpet or on the walls hidden by furniture. He got about fifty tile laid today. His plan is to do about an hour each night until the project is done. Since we don’t have anywhere to move all the furniture to while he tiles he is doing sections at a time. After that project is done we’ll finish tearing the rest of the carpet out of the bedroom. Then it’s on to outside projects, yee ha! Home Depot is loving us.

I ran to Kohl’s today to pick up some new shirts for Jim since they were having a huge sale. He needed some new polos so I came home with five of those and a new silk camp shirt for him. I also ran to Babies R Us for a new top of the stairs gate. The extra gate we already have is too tall to fit under the top of the stairwell… of course. I also got padded guards for the coffee table and the hearth along with a bunch of other baby proofing items. Jim got the gate installed today and I got the padding on the coffee table. I’ll get the hearth tomorrow night. At least we know Robert is a little safer motoring around the living room now. That kid has no fear of anything.

Talked to Mom today. She was pretty tired today and spent most of the day resting. Sherry was back out there today and made sure that she ate and didn’t exert herself. It has been so nice having she and my aunt helping out with Mom so that Jim and I had the majority of our weekend uninterrupted since he was gone most of the week. I got my aunt an Ott lamp as a thank you and she said today that she and my uncle were swiveling it between the two of them and really enjoying it.

Going to be a short work week for me. I’m taking off Friday so Robert and I can play with my Aunt. However, the three days I am working are going to be really busy. Jim is working late on Wednesday so I may stay at the office a bit later. We really need to get Robert back on his schedule. Tonight he was up until 9:30! He’s going to be a bear in the morning.


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