Now He Wants A Goat

We had a fantastic time at the farm today. When we got there Robert was acting incredibly unimpressed. Then we got to the goats. He absolutely loved the goats. I think he would bring one home if I would let him. He got to feed them and pet them. We also spent a lot of times looking at the swans and ducks. He would watch them and just giggle. The Deanna Roase Farmstead is truly a great field trip. First off, it’s free! What on earth is free these days??? You can actually see the animals and get up close enough to pet some of them. They had farm animals as well as a bobcat, a bald eagle on loan from the Department of Natural Resources who has an injured wing, a koi fish pond and a red tailed hawk. They are building a lot of new buildings and have a lot of activities that we will definitely take advantage of when Robert gets older like fishing, hay rides and pony rides.

Aunt Barb had a lot of fun with her little guy today too. They are selling bricks for a Kansas Walkway so I’m ordering one that says:

Robert loves
his Aunt Barb.
May 30, 2008

to immortalize our first trip to the farm.

After the farm we dropped Aunt Barb off at her house which is just block’s from Daddy’s office so we stopped by to say hi and have lunch with him. Then it was off to the county courthouse to stand in line for our tax receipt. Luckily it was moving fast and we were only there about 15 minutes. Of course this afternoon Robert is refusing to take a nap since he slept in the car. He’s motoring around the living room seeing what sort of mischief he can get into.


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