Thank God It’s Thursday!

The tags on the Explorer expire Saturday. I would rather have a root canal than license a car. So, yesterday morning I ran in for the required state inspection. It didn’t pass. $600 in repairs later, and being without a vehicle all day, it passed. Ugh! In Missouri we can get two year tags. Can I find my 2006 Personal Property receipt? Of course not. So, tomorrow Robert and I will have to go the the County Courthouse Annex and pay $1.00 to get a new copy of that (I however have 2 copies of my 2007 receipt… go figure!)

Tomorrow we are playing hooky from school/work. We’ll pick up Aunt Barb bright and early and head to the Deanna Rose Farm. It’s a cool little farm designed for kids with lots of petting opportunities. We’re planning on being there as close to 9am as possible since it’s supposed to be hot and humid tomorrow. After the farm Aunt Barb has a list of people’s houses we have to drop by to show off Robert. She is definitely more of a grandmother figure in his life than a great aunt. Even my Mom says Barb is a better grandmother than she is.

Tonight Robert was determined that he wanted some of the scrambled egg I was eating. He was determined to take it by force or by charm. Neither worked, sorry buddy, you’re still too young for egg. He was awake until 8:30pm tonight and wanted to PLAY! He’s crawling all over the place and is a trip to keep up with. Tonight when I picked him up at preschool he hauled tail over to me, guess he was determined I wasn’t going to leave the room without him!


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