It’s Only Tuesday???

Robert was jabbering up a storm tonight, until I got the camera out… then he decided he’d rather be behind the lens rather than in front of it.

Teething is really bugging the little man right now. Tonight he didn’t get to sleep until almost 9pm and he was A-C-T-I-V-E!!! At almost 25 pounds he is a lot to wrangle.

Storms moved through our area again tonight. Luckily nothing turned dangerous. I can’t remember a year when we have had so many potentially severe storms. It’s just wild.

This weekend we got a pool. Nothing too fancy, when it’s full it will be 15′ in diameter and 3′ deep. Big enough we can all get in it and cool off. Unfortunately the part of the yard that Jim thought was level enough isn’t so he’s going to have to drain it and work on that before it will fill correctly. That didn’t stop us from playing in it some on Sunday. Robert is a water baby… he loved it. He especially loved playing with the hose.

The new Preschool Director starts tomorrow. We are so ready. She was actually the first director and left to take a position with a school district. She’s back!!! We have literally been counting the days. I’m excited to see the changes she makes in the classrooms and am so blessed that she will be the director for Robert’s first years.


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