A Great Night

I picked up my niece after work today. It seems like every time she comes to spend the night it’s always crisis mode, she’s had a fight with her mother and comes here to cool off. When you have no notice that you’re getting a teen age guest for the night it’s hard to plan fun stuff. Her brother generally plans better and we go and do fun stuff. Since we knew she was coming we planned a night!

First stop was Target, of course. Needed a whole slew of baby stuff as usual. Then we headed to Roxanne’s Cafe for dinner (we let Erika choose). Then we headed to Parkville to play miniature golf. I forgot the the course, which is built on a hill, is all steps, not paths. So, we hauled the stroller up and down steps. It was quite a work out!

We finished up with the golf just in time to get to the gelatto store before it closed. Parkville has the best gelatto! Erika hadn’t had gelatto before and neither had Robert… they both really enjoyed it! We got home at 9:15 and Robert who had slept in the car was wide awake. It took about 30 minutes to get him out again. The poor kid had only taken one hour nap today so I have a feeling he may sleep in tomorrow!

Tomorrow we’ll go to the races and Erika will go home with my Mom who hopefully she’ll spend a lot of time with this summer.. they both need it.


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