I’m Back!!!

Wow! What a week. I’ve missed my blog!

The big fund raising dinner Thursday night ate up every minute of my existence from Monday morning on. The good news is it was totally worth the effort… we netted over $9700. When I went to bed Wednesday I was praying for $4500.

Jim was great taking care of Robert at night while I worked on getting things ready. Auction slips, programs, brochures, etc. Friday I called him and told him to feel free to go smoke a cigar or do whatever he wanted because I wanted some time with my boy! I swear he grew up so much last week. Both of his upper front teeth have broken through. He can chew food now. He is just so amazing!

Saturday we were up early to go to the zoo with the preschool parent’s group. Robert was awake for the sea lion show and really enjoyed it. The rest of the time at the zoo he slept! Two hours of pushing the sleeping boy around the zoo.

After the zoo we ran home and tidied up the house a bit and then met up with Michelle. Michelle and I went to college together 15 years ago in Texas. She’s in Colorado now. Her dad was a minister and their KC church was having a reunion so they were back in KC for that. We did some shopping and catching up and then went to the house she was staying at to have dinner with her family. Her parents remembered me and we had a really great time. Robert was charming as all get out. Everyone thought he was just wonderful. Her Dad invited us to be his guests at church the next morning so of course we had to say yes.

Then Sunday night we took our contribution to help serve dinner at Ronald McDonald House with my Soroptimist group. It was one busy weekend!

Robert is really into being naked and taking baths right now. He’s so funny. He splashes and has such a great time. He’s almost too big for his ducky tub.


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