Four Teeth

I finally got a picture of Robert that show all four of his teeth. I sure hope he gets his Dad’s teeth.

Robert really loves his Gerber Wheels. He loves holding them and looking at them as much or more than he does eating them. But he is learning to chew more and more. He’s willing to try ANYTHING and hasn’t found anything he doesn’t like yet. He really likes vanilla ice cream though. Tonight at dinner time he was biting the spoon and blowing in it. It was hilarious and I managed to get it on tape. The kid is a regular little bulldog, he does not let go!

The washing machine is fixed. The last repairman installed the new part wrong… genius. At first the new repairman thought he was going to have to order a new motor… I knew that would mean no machine until at least the 7th and I was not looking forward to going to the laundry mat. Luckily he figured it out and so far three loads in and it’s running fine, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Jim had a bad headache tonight when I got home so Robert and I hung out and did some cleaning while he rested. After Robert went to bed I hopped on the computer and took care of ordering concert tickets for my nephew’s 17th birthday. It will be his first concert to go to without an adult. I got him two tickets so his best friend can go with him. His dad went to a ton of concerts in high school so he’s just carrying on family tradition.

I also got our hotel reservations made for St. Louis in a few weeks. Nice to have that taken care of.

Got a bunch of coupons from Babies R Us today, just in time. We need a new car seat that can be rear facing but where Robert is sitting up because he is HATING the laying back. We also need a different gate for the hallway stairs because the one we’re using is just not working out… coupons for both in the flyer… yeah!!! I know where I’ll be Friday.

Can you believe today was the halfway point to the year? 183 days behind us, 183 days ahead of us. And Happy Canada Day to our neighbors up north.


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    Love seeing those little teethers… I recommend a baby safe tooth brush, and some baby toothpaste that you can swallow. I am sure that they sell it at Babies R Us, and I believe that it is even organic. It gets the little people used to the feel of a tooth brush, and before you know it they will want to brush.

    Didn’t know they still had Gerber wheels… probably because I don’t buy them anymore. My son loved those as well. ¥

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