End of a Long Weekend

I’m so fed up with my current point and shoot camera. It’s a Casio and whereas the picture quality is just fine and it is 10 mp, the shutter speed sucks. I’ve missed so many shots because of the little idiosyncrasies of this camera that I just can’t stand it any longer. So I ordered this one. I had a cyber-shot before and just loved it. Plus, this one is red… how cool is that! I can’t wait for it to get here! I also got a 4gig memory stick for it and an extra battery… we should be good to go on our trips.

Did a lot of shopping today. Robert got a new car seat. Needing something a bit more comfy for our upcoming long trips. I also picked up a new lightweight travel stroller.

We kept it pretty low key around here this weekend. Friday we went out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and then went and found some shoes for me to wear to the wedding. Friday night we hung out at home and tried to calm the poor dog. She actually ran so hard in our yard barking at all the fireworks that she wore through the pads on her paws. I kept trying to get her to come in and she refused. She’s spent the past two days recuperating but she seems to be healing nicely. Last night we had Nick’s wedding. It was a very nice wedding. We wound up leaving the reception before they served dinner. It was already 7:30 and Robert was sacked out.

Now that I’ve finished my shopping for today it’s time to get some house work done. I was hoping that Robert would take a nap but so far he’s going strong. Jim and I will have to tag team getting stuff done and watching him. I’m sure Jim will be more than willing to watch him rather than clean the bathrooms himself 🙂

Tomorrow Jim has to head to Springfield and won’t be back until Tuesday so tomorrow night Robert and I will be holding the fort down.


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