It’s Almost Like An Illness…

Since I’m getting the new camera I decided it was definitely time we got a gorillapod. I’ve wanted one forever if just for the name. I found them on ebay for only $19.99 (shipping included). So a new red one is winging it’s way to me even as I type!
I’m starting to think about (worry about) our upcoming road trips and how Robert is going to do. The good news is I’ll be able to be in the back seat with him so that should help with the keeping him entertained. I thought about getting a portable DVD player but he doesn’t watch TV so I’m not sure that would hold his interest. I am going to pick up some new interactive toys that he won’t see until the trip, that should keep his interest for a bit. We also have Sandra Boynton’s Blue Moo CD that will be fun for sing a longs.
When we go to St. Louis in a few weeks the boys are going to the ball game Saturday afternoon while the girls (and Robert) go to the zoo. I’m kind of bummed that Jim won’t be going to the zoo with us and I know he is too but he is also excited about going to the ball game. It will also give me a chance to have more time one on one with Jim’s aunt and cousins so they can see that I really am a nice person.
The St. Louis trip will be four hours in the car. If he takes a nice morning nap it should go pretty smoothly. If not we’ve built in time to stop along the way and not be rushed. We’ll get up Friday, get Harley to the kennel and then take off.
The end of the month when we go to Wichita will be three hours to Wichita… not bad at all. But when we leave there we are headed to Horseshoe Bend, AR. Probably another 6-7 hours. The plan is drive as far as we can Wednesday night then do the rest Thursday. When we come home from AR it will be 5-6 hours so we’ll have to schedule some breaks. Apparently Jim wants to take his golf clubs so hopefully there will be room in the car with all of Robert’s gear.
Jim left for Springfield this morning. Robert gave him the sweetest hug this morning when we left. I think when we leave work tonight we’ll run through Target and then meander home so he can get dinner and hopefully go to sleep. He’s been having rough nights lately and I think it’s his teeth. He’ll wake up all upset and do that two or three times a night which is so unlike him. We’ve also upped his Benadryl because his poor nose is just so stuffy. Hopefuly he outgrows his allergies.

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