17 years and Nine Months

The big guy, Donald, turns 17 tomorrow. Today just happens to be the day we got together and celebrate as well as the day Robert turns 9 months. Robert is now 26 pounds and 30 inches!

We had a great time celebrating at Aunt Barb’s. She and Uncle Ward put out a wonderful menu and it was nice to sit around and visit for a bit. We also snuck in a little birthday celebrating for my Mom.

Mom made the neatest basket for Donald. It had a “Mission Impossible” style note attached cluing him in to the fact that somewhere in the basket there was $50. It had Mt. Dew, Snickers bars, hot Cheetos, sunflower seeds, gummy treats, etc. in it. All his favorite snacking foods. Robert had a good time helping Donald with his presents and cards.

The cutest part of the day was when Uncle Ward was outside and Robert started playing with him through the window. Later on when Robert was playing over by the windows my Uncle went back out in the heat to play with him. He’s such a special guy.

Harley is a bit under the weather right now. She’s lethargic and not real interested in food. We went through this last year and after $400+ in vet bills we found out it was just a funk so I’m watching her and riding it out.


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