Our St. Louis Weekend

Pictures from our St. Louis trip! Robert is an excellent little traveler. He did great in the car and never did get fussy… so nice!

There were 16 of us this weekend. Jim, Robert & I stayed at a hotel because I knew Robert would never go to sleep with that many people around to entertain. We had such a nice relaxing time. Dawn & Mark’s house is in the country and has a lake and such a beautiful view. I could have sat outside and just stared at the lake and pasture for hours. I also had a great time getting to know Jim’s family better.

Next week we will be in Arkansas at the end of the week with Gary and Sherry and will probably also see Scott and Nici there.

The bad news is Harley took a turn for the worse this weekend. The really freaky thing is I had a dream last night that I got to the vet’s to pick her up and they told me something was wrong. Then I woke up. They called me before I got there this morning. She wasn’t eating or drinking, was dehydrated and had diahrreah. Not good. They wanted to do some blood work and x-rays and would call me back. I got some things done at the office and then headed to the vet’s. My baby was sick, she needed to know that I was still here for her. The tests didn’t show anything really significant but her platelet count was down. She looked horrible. SHe did wag her tail a bit for me but she has lost a bunch of weight, was drooling and her coat looked horrible. While we were waiting for the vet she stood by the door with her tail between her legs looking at me like “take me home mama”. While talking to the vet I remembered she had a tick on her a few weeks ago. All the symptoms point to Ehrliclia. A totally treatable disease. And if that’s
what it is we’ve caught it in the acute stages. We started her on the dyocylene and hopefully when I go by tomorrow she will be showing some signs of improvement. They say it takes 24-48 hours to start working. For now she’s still at the vet’s. Further blood work showed that her liver and kidney function were fine so that’s good. She is getting IV fluids to rehydrate her. I’m so worried. I absolutely broke down in the vet’s office. I’m sure they think they’re dealing with a total nut case. I was so afraid they were going to tell me that it was fatal. We’re still not out of the woods but my gut is telling me it was the tick. Time will tell.


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  1. MNScrapbookmom

    Oh gosh… I would be the same way in the vet… My dogs are my children. I am hoping that all is well in due time.
    Love the pictures of the little tank man. I love his smile. I just want to kiss his little cheeks. 🙂 Take Care…¥

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