Ready to Go

I took Harley back to the vet’s today for her boarding. She started to get excited the minute she saw the vet’s office. We walked in and the line was three deep so we got into it. All of a sudden all the women behind the desk started saying “There’s Harley, she looks so good”. When it was our turn she was paws on the counter begging for (and getting) treats. They told me that they couldn’t wait until Monday when one of the vet techs who really loved Harley got back. I guess this woman was practically crawling into her cage with her to let her know she’s loved. That made me feel really good. I know she’s in good hands and will be back to her old self by the time we get home.

After dropping Harley off I picked up Jim and Robert and we went out to lunch and ran some errands. This afternoon was spent packing and getting the house in order. I’m happy to say it’s in a nice orderly fashion so we won’t be returning to a huge mess. I also sprayed the yard tonight so hopefully if there are any more disease ridden ticks crawling around out there they will be dead by the time we get back. Unfortunately I got stung by a wasp when I was putting the hose up… I’m spraying for those next!

I need to get some sleep, we’re leaving when Robert wakes up in the morning and that’s usually around 5. He’ll wake up, we’ll get him dressed, give him his bottle and he’ll go back to sleep and hopefully sleep most of the way to Wichita. Once we’re there… it’s zoo time!


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