August 1

After a really long drive thanks to listening to the GPS instead of Uncle Philip, we finally arrived in Horseshoe Bend yesterday afternoon.  We were all really happy to see Uncle Gary & Aunt Sherry and to get out of the car for a while!!!  The lake is absolutely beautiful.  After a dinner of brisket, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, salad and “Jimmy’s Cake” we went down to check out the water.  Robert absolutely loves the lake!  He had absolutely no fear of putting his head under the water and even got pretty good at kicking his legs.

Today we went to Hardy to walk around and look at the shops.  They had a couple of really cute ones.  The town is struggling in this economy.  It seemed most of the shops were  for sale.  On the way home we drove through Mammoth Springs to look at the water.  After dinner Robert and Jim were back in the lake.  Tonight Aunt Sherry held Robert and rocked him to sleep.  He didn’t nap a lot today so I’m hoping he sleeps through the night.  Of course, there is no wireless Internet here so I will post this when we get back home.









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