Now, everyone is home!

Got up early this morning and dropped Robert off at preschool then stopped to pick up some donuts.  Then it was on to the vets office to pick up the Harley dog.  The staff was very appreciative of the donuts… I was so grateful for all the wonderful care they gave our puppy.  Harley is 10 pounds lighter than when this all began.  When you pet her you can feel the bones in her back.  Actually, you can feel her bones everywhere – back, ribs, shoulders.  She is HUNGRY!  She found a bag of cat food in the kitchen that I had forgotten about and was going at it when I walked in and found her and she actually bared her teeth at me.  She didn’t eat all of it but she did chow down for a few minutes.


Now, the rest of the vacation update.  Saturday Cousin Scott and his fiance Chelsea arrived at the house.  Scott and Jim decided they would play a round of golf, Chelsea and I decided we’d drive the golf carts.  We couldn’t get a tee time until 2:30 because of a tournament in town so it was HOT on the course but we had a lot of fun.  Gary and Sherry took really good care of Robert while we were gone and I think they enjoyed it as much as he did.  Robert got to swim in the lake again Saturday night.  I’m sure he thinks we really need to move lake front – soon!  So far we’re appeasing him in the bath tub.  I finished two books while we were gone and got a good start on another one.  The two I read both had dogs as main characters… guess who was on my mind when I went to the bookstore.

Sunday morning we headed home after breakfast.  It was nice to get out of town but it was also really nice to get back!









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  1. Welcome Home Harley !!! I am so glad that she is better and home. 🙂 Love all the pics… ¥

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