Micro Dude… Major ‘Tude

Robert started off in such a good mood this morning.  He woke up at 4am and came into bed with me where he went back to sleep until 7 (Jim’s out of town – again!).


He woke up and looked around…




… rolled back and gave me a cute little smile…


… then noticed Harley was at the foot of the bed.


Then we got dressed for the day.


It wasn’t until we were on the way out the door I realized we were wearing matching shirts.


We went to school/work and both had pretty good days.  Then we got home… and the attitude started again, just as it has the past three nights.  Robert is not happy unless I am holding him.  He doesn’t want to play on the floor.  He will get down there if I’m sitting on the floor but clings to me.  He screams if I move an inch away from him… and I mean SCREAMS.  He’s not even happy in his high chair.  The one place he is happy and not clinging to me…


… the bath tub!  So we have nice long baths.  Last night he stayed in the tub until his lip was quivering. 


Thank God for the inventor of bathtubs… restorer of Mommy’s sanity!

Also thank God that Jim gets home tomorrow so there are an extra set of hands to hold Sir Clingmeister.


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