Sunday Shopping

I spent most of the day yesterday in bed.  I was just exhausted.  Luckily today I was feeling a lot better and we had a lot of shopping to do.


First stop was Staples.  They just opened in Kansas City and I thought it was time to introduce Robert to the joy of school supply shopping.  Since he doesn’t actually need school supplies yet we did pick up some new Expo markers for his teachers along with some office supplies for me and this flexible keyboard… we are such geeks – the minute we saw it we had to have it.

Since we were at Zona Rosa we ran to Victoria’s Secret to replace one of my bras that Harley ate a few months ago… that dog has a bra fetish.  It’s insane (and expensive).  We also went to American Eagle and Robert picked out this t-shirt for Erika’s birthday.

ae shirt

I got her this birthstone ring.  And Jim & I’s gift is a shopping spree after lunch next Saturday.

peridot ring

I looked all over to find a picture tray for my Aunt for her birthday but had no luck.  So I found it on Amazon.  It will be here Wednesday and I’ll be able to fill it with pictures of Robert for her.

picture tray

When we got home Jim worked on his laundry marathon (thanks dear!) and took a nap.  I picked up the living room while Robert and Harley played together.  Tonight we’re kicked back watching the Olympics.  I can’t believe another weekend has just flown by.



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