10 Months and One Year


Robert turned 10 months old yesterday.  He is 27 pounds and 31″ tall.  Truly living up to his nickname of Tank.  Yesterday was also the one year anniversary of me starting at my new company and it’s been an awesome year.

Unfortunately, my day of thinking how great life was got interrupted last night at 6:00 when I was in a meeting and got a call from Jim.  Harley bit Robert.  Apparently they were playing on the floor together like they always do when Jim sat down with a sandwich.  Harley in her steroid induced constant search for food went for the sandwich.  Apparently Robert touched her somehow to where she thought he was going for it too (actually he probably was) and she bit him.  She knew immediately it was wrong.  He didn’t bleed a lot and only cried for about 45 seconds.


It looks horrible but could have been worse.  It hasn’t made Robert scared of Harley at all.  When we let her back in the room with him he went right up to her and was either trying to kiss her cheek or bite her, it’s hard to tell with him sometimes.  Thank God she didn’t get his eye, she came close.  I know she didn’t mean to hurt him, she was being a dog.  We’re so close to our pets it’s easy to think of them as little furry people but she is a dog and instinct kicks in once in a while in even the best trained dog.  The good thing is everyone at preschool today was very understanding.  I of course felt like a horrible person that my dog had bitten my child.  I found out today that it’s happened to a lot of people.

Jim feels terrible.  I’ll admit at first I was pissed.  He should have been paying more attention, this shouldn’t have happened – it wouldn’t have happened if I was home… then I had to play the bullshit card on myself.  We both get lax with things around here at times.  There are new rules… no more eating on the couch.  We have a bar area and a kitchen table and that’s where we need to eat.  Harley is not allowed in the kitchen when Robert is eating and not allowed in the room when we sit down to dinner.  It’s going to take some work to break our bad habits.  I still love my dog.  She’s a great dog.  She loves Robert, she reacted poorly but she also isn’t totally herself right now so we need to be a bit more vigilant.


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  1. Awww… poor baby. At least he isn’t afraid of the dog and things will work out fine. My dogs are my kids…for now. But I would feel the same way. Just know it happens to people I know too. Hope Robert feels better soon!

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