Another Weekend Down

Another weekend over with.  It was a full one as usual.  Yesterday we did some shopping.  Old Navy had kids jeans for $7.  Oh my Lord the store was a wreck.  I did manage to get the maximum three pair for Robert along with some new shirts. Then we hit Children’s Place and picked up a few more outfits and some new blanket sleepers.  It’s warm right now but cold weather is just around the corner.  Robert is almost a 2T so that’s what I bought.  I did get one pair of 18-24 month jeans for the interim.  Buying clothes is a crap shoot with him.  Sure as I have the 2Ts he’ll quit growing for a bit.



Robert is eating a big boy lunch now… ravioli, cheese and apples…. and he’s feeding myself!  He’s getting to be such a big boy.  I wish he’d stay little a bit longer.  But it’s also fun to watch him gain new skills.


This morning when Jim was cooking in the kitchen Robert was helping by being his sous chef.  Eventually he got tired and had to take a nap.


Donald and Erika both came over to do some work for us this afternoon.  Donald worked in the yard while Erika cleaned the entryway and the big bathroom.  They brought along Kyle.  Kyle is Donald’s friend and now Erika’s boyfriend.  I have heard about him for five years now but hadn’t met him.  The boyfriend part is new.  I was very pleased that he was a very nice young man.  Well mannered.  Sounds like a good family.  He has a job and is not afraid of hard work.  Very conversational and really good with Robert.  Erika was holding Robert and Kyle was sitting beside her and I reminded them that babies are fun but they don’t want one anytime soon.  They both agreed.  Erika said, “that’s (having a baby) not my mind set right now”.  I told her that was good but it’s not your mind that makes them.  Not real subtle but not too harsh.





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2 responses to “Another Weekend Down

  1. That picture of him sleeping in the kitchen is priceless! Ha-ha

  2. WOW, have I been slacking my Auntie from MN duties… glad you sent his size… (wink,wink) It gets my mind rolling around for an October day coming so-so soon. 🙂 Sorry I haven’t commented in awhile – got alot going on around here. I have checked in from time to time though. My little tank is growing right before my eyes. I miss seeing all his photos… I need to come here more often. Hope you are well dear friend. 🙂 Kyra¥

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