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The Fire Truck


The fire truck and ambulance visited the preschool today.  Robert absolutely loved sitting in the fire truck.


Robert was bouncing up and down and squealing with delight.  Poor Ms. Karen was just sure he was going to take a 6 foot header down to the ground.


The helmet was HEAVY!


He got to check out the gurney.


Finally, he crawled through the ambulance and checked it all out.  I was so glad that I was coming back from the bank when they were there so I could go watch him have this experience and take pictures.  Just another great thing about having child care at work.


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This Was So Cool

Christmas Card I found this Christmas card online (Karen Hocker Designs) and absolutely fell in love with it.  After all I am super attached to our Harley girl… although half the time I’m ready to kill her or sell her to the gypsies.  I thought it would be cool to have it on a shirt for Christmas time… especially if I could get them for Jim and Robert too (different colors so we don’t look too matchy matchy of course).  So I found the email to the artist and sent her an email.  Much to my surprise I got this reply THE VERY NEXT DAY.

Dear Susanne,
thank you for the email.

Starting in October, we’ll be focusing on adding designs, calendars and
prints to the store. Since you’re interested in the Labrador Retriever
Christmas designs, I’ll move those to the top of the list.

You can see some of the holiday designs done up for Golden Retrievers
here: (Halloween) and (Winter Holidays). As you can
see, the designs have been added to a wide variety of apparel for the
whole family and products for the home. I’ll be adding mugs and other
household items, as well.

I’ll send you an email to let you know as soon as the designs are
available in the store. Thanks so much for contacting us.

Kris Hocker


I’m so psyched!  Not only are they going to do it, they’ve moved it to the top of the list for little old me!  Awesome, awesome customer service.

Today Robert and I went out to visit my Mom so that Jim could work uninterrupted in the basement.  We ran into football traffic and it was insane.  Honestly at one point it took and HOUR to go ONE AND A HALF MILES!!!  So, my usual 45 minute trip wound up being an hour and 45 minutes.  Robert does fine in his car seat if we’re moving… not so good when we’re sitting still.  Thank God Jim had put Puffs in the diaper bag so I spent my hour feeding them to him one at a time.  He put on quite the show for my Mom today and I think she had a really good time watching him do all of his tricks.  On the way home we stopped at my hometown bar b que to pick up dinner.  Robert woke up a little in the restaurant but was back asleep before we got out of the parking lot and slept all the way home.  Jim got another section of tile laid and also got the old desk taken down, the new one assembled and the computer moved.  It looks great, I love it.  Tomorrow night and Tuesday I’m going to clear the rest of the carpeted area so that Jim has a couple of nights to recover and then only has to worry about the carpet and tile… not moving stuff.  He’s running out of time to finish this before his sister and her family come with his travel schedule.  It was confirmed this week that the Amarillo class will go on as scheduled.  The last two classes were canceled but not this one.  So Jim will leave the day before Robert’s first birthday.  He will be here for the party and all the festivities so that’s a good thing.

Another busy week coming up at work.  Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.  I’m taking Friday off for the garage sale so that will be a nice break.  We have a new office manager starting Monday which should mean that I can take my vacation the last week of the year… yeah!!!

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Pumpkin Patch

Today was the preschool parent group trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  Robert absolutely loved it.  (The last picture is my absolute favorite).  They have a lot of activities at the pumpkin patch.  They have several animals to pet and feed… of course, Robert loved the goats the best.  It’s so cute to watch him wave at the animals.  We rode a wagon out to the pie pumpkin patch (which has been decimated by the rain) and got to pick out two pumpkins.  There is also a train, pedal tractors, slides and playgrounds.  Next year Robert will be absolutely unstoppable.

On the way home we stopped at Office Max to pick up a new laptop power cord and found some great new office furniture.  Since Jim is hoping to finish the tiling in the basement tomorrow we went ahead and bought a new (smaller) desk, bookshelf and filing cabinet.  It’s wood and glass and will look a lot nicer in the corner than the huge L shaped desk we currently have.

I’ve been busy last night and today getting stuff ready for a garage sale this week.  I have over 90 baby outfits that I’m selling.  That’s what happens when your son goes through FIVE wardrobes in his first year.  I also culled through my books and took out ones that I know I’m not going to read again.

Today would have been my brother’s 40th birthday.  My niece and nephew went out to see my Mom today (if rumor is true Erika even took her boyfriend) and tonight she is with really good friends.  Tomorrow Robert and I are going out to spend some time with her and to give Jim some time to work in the basement uninterrupted.

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I’m On A Roll




I finally got around to ordering our shirts for the photo shoot.  I wanted it to be casual but also wanted the Monkey tie in so I went with Life Is Good for everyone.  Hope they come in time… the photo shoot is a week from Sunday… provided I remember to make the appointment!

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I’m In Love…

rocking horse … with Harry the Horse.  Isn’t he just adorable!  The minute I saw him I knew a certain little boy needs him for his first birthday.  So, Harry is now winging his way to us and I’m crossing my fingers he gets here in time.  I can’t wait to see Robert’s reaction.  I just know he’s going to love it.  We’re just a little over two weeks away from the big day.  It just doesn’t seem possible. 

I still need to get our shirts ordered for the one year photo shoot.  I found a totally adorable Life Is Good Monkey shirt for Robert so now I just need to pick shirts for Jim and I.  Might as well do a family photo too.  It’s amazing to look at the six month photo and see how much he has changed.

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Why God?!?!?! WHY!!!!????

kenley I can’t believe that Kenley is STILL in on Project Runway… puh-leeeze!  I am so sick of her whining and crappy design.  Her outfit was so NOT HIP HOP tonight.  There was absolutely nothing attractive about that outfit.  And yet, she’s still there. I swear they are just keeping her for the whining effect and so that we can all watch her make a complete ass out of herself.


In other news… I’m completely exhausted.  I had late stuff for work Sunday and Monday nights.  Monday was a 12 hour day… 8 of them at a golf course.  I broke a tooth Saturday and since I couldn’t get to the dentist on Monday (the usual “weekend emergency repair” day) I couldn’t get in until tomorrow.  Work is so busy right now it’s exhausting but there is no slowing down right now.  The weekends are jam packed with stuff to do.  We’re participating in a garage sale in two weeks and I have NOTHING ready to go but lots of stuff that needs to go.  Hopefully this weekend I can get around to that.

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Another Chapter Closed

IMG_0941 The foreground of this pictures is incredibly cute (my nephew circa 2003) but it’s the background I’m waxing nostalgic about today.  My truck.  My now sold truck.  I bought this truck from my Dad 10 days before he died.  I had it in my possession off an on for two years before Dad died as he’d be ready to sell it, then want it back.  It’s the truck Donald and I took on all of our camping trips.  There are a million memories wrapped up in it’s 124,000 miles.  But, it’s now 12 year old, had some mechanical issues and since it has a front air bag that can’t be turned off, not safe transportation for Robert.  After a lot of thought I decided to sell it.  It’s time.  If my Dad was here I’m sure he’d ask why the heck I’ve held on to it this long.  Luckily one of the teachers at the preschool is married to a mechanic who is interested.  He stopped by this morning.  He left with the truck and I gained a wad of money.  I called my nephew last night to let him know it was going to happen.  He was a little taken aback at first but in the end understood. 

Yesterday we headed out to my Mom’s bright and early.  Jim and my Uncle replaced a section of roof on her shed that had rotten out while my Mom, Aunt and I played with Robert.  He was in full entertainment mode.  Unfortunately last night he started running a bit of a fever and had an upset stomach.  Today he’s in a good mood but still the fever and a rash.  Me thinks Jim may be staying home with him tomorrow and doing the doctor’s office.  I have a golf tournament that I can’t miss.  Tonight I have to go to a silent auction and dinner associated with the golf tournament.  I’d rather stay here curled up on my couch.

Today I got Robert’s birthday invitations ready to be mailed and also got pictures and letters off to various out of town aunts and uncles. 

I think this week should be pretty easy.  I’ll be late tomorrow night but all the other nights we should both be home.  I’m hoping to get the computer area in the basement cleaned up so that it will make it easier to move stuff around to finish the tile.  I also want to see if we can find a new desk unit for the basement to take up less space than the monstrous desk that is currently down there.

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