Farm Living is the Life for Me

We had a beautiful day to go to Deanna Rose Farm yesterday.  We went before the weather got too warm and had a great time.  Robert really loves seeing all the animals up close.  Since he had his new shoes he could stand on his own by the fences.  We even worked a bit on walking.  After the farm we went to Martin City and had bar b que for lunch.  We were so close to where my grandma lives I thought it would be a shame not to stop.  We found her in the dining room and went back to her apartment.  Robert put on quite the show and she was delighted to watch him perform.

Today I’ve been processing pictures in the hopes of doing some scrapbooking in the near future. 


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One response to “Farm Living is the Life for Me

  1. Hope you were able to get a little bit of Scrappin’ done… 🙂 Love all these photos, and I am crushing on your stroller. WOW… Orange and Grey polka dots. Even a stroller my husband would have loved. Too bad we won’t ever need another one… School’s back in session tomorrow – and the summer went too fast as it always does. I sure will miss my little people tomorrow. Now… I can Scrapbook what we did all summer. 🙂 Hugs to you dear friend… ¥

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