Grandparent’s Day

Since it was Grandparent’s day, and I knew there was some yard work to be done, we trekked out to my Mom’s today.  We stopped and picked up a dozen peach roses for her from Donald, Erika and Robert.  Robert was in fine form and entertained all day.  I told Jim I would come out and help him with the yard when Robert when down for his nap… he never did.  Jim worked his tush off for five hours breaking only for lunch.  My Mom has a lot of “volunteer” stuff growing in her yard right now including a grapevine on the fence, blackberries behind the shed and… an apple tree by the air conditioner.  It’s insane!  I finally asked her if she was getting drunk and planting fruits again.  She just rolled her eyes at me.  Jim also noticed that some shingles have come off the shed and caused some rotting of the wood inside.  I called my uncle and he and Jim are going to get together and fix it in a few weeks.  I am so thankful that I have a husband who will cheerfully give up his Sunday to do work for my Mom.

A couple of mom’s friends dropped by to see Robert.  They could not believe how big he is getting.  He was quite the entertainer.

Favorite pictures from the day…

Robert with my Mom

Granny kissed Robert…

… and then Robert kissed her back.

Tonight I had two very tired boys on my hands.


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  1. Absolutely love the pics of Robert and your Mom… Love them.. So-so precious. 🙂 ¥

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