Rain, rain, go away!

I love Robert’s giggle.  He absolutely loves horsey rides.  If I lay down on the floor he immediately climbs up on my back.

Yesterday Robert spent the whole day in the toddler room at preschool.  He loves being with the kids who can move!  He napped on a cot… and hour and a half!  He ate the food but refused to drink ANYTHING all day.  He wouldn’t even take a bottle.  I think it’s because he was just so busy taking it all in.  He downed a bottle the minute we got home.  He’s so big.  Eleven months today… didn’t I just bring him home???

Last night I got to go out with friends sans husband and child.  It was a good time.  Of course I stopped into Old Navy and they had their Halloween costumes on sale – 25% off!  Robert now has the most adorable monkey costume complete with banana!

Today Mom and I went to a charity fashion show.  I had to go for work.  The good news is by some stroke of luck I got seated with two friends form other charities.  The food was HORRID… and at $50 a plate that really sucked.  As for the fashion… let’s just say I must not be very fashion forward.  But I did get to spend time with my Mom and I always love that.  We were down at Crown Center so we also managed to do a bit of shopping afterwards.

I’m so sick of rain.  I can’t remember the last day that we didn’t have rain.  Last night it was pouring and we had tornado sirens going off… luckily it was much todoo about nothing.

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate our friend Art’s 60th year as an ordained minister.  He’s quite the guy, a spry 86 and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  My aunt and uncle are watching Robert and I know they are looking forward to it.  They love him so much.  I hope he does ok, the last time we left him with someone (who just happened to be the same aunt and uncle) he was three months old.


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  1. Love the giggle!!! You are so smart to record so much… Can’t say that I am much of a fashion guru either really. My laziness is really starting to show in my clothes size so I spend most of my time hiding, and winters covered up. Is there a sweatshirt fashion show I can attend? I would be happier with an LL Bean sweater show, that would be fine too !!! 🙂 Sorry abotu all the rain, we are glad that we are finally getting rain here. Our grass is starting to look alive again… even a bit green now. Saty safe, and dry… 🙂 Loved the video’s. Give the little man a hug from his Auntie… ¥

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