Eleven Months!!!

Robert 11 Months

Not a great picture of the little guy but a great representation. This is Robert… full on, ready to go… and always laughing. He’s about to take a header off of the couch if I don’t put the camera down and catch him… luckily I’ve always managed to get him in time… he seems to have no fear (and no concept of gravity). It seems these days he is moving all the time! Thank goodness for baby gates, this kid can clear the stairs in 3 seconds flat. He’s now 31” tall and weighs 28.5 pounds… oh yeah, the new shoes he’s sporting, they’re a 5 ½! He’s standing more and starting to act more interested in walking. He just moved into the toddler room at preschool and is the only non-walker so I think peer pressure will kick in soon and then we’ll never catch him.

He loves the sound of his own voice and has mastered “mamamamamamama” and also screaming (just because he can). One of his favorite places to be is in the kitchen cooking with Daddy and he’s learned how to drag out pots and pans. He also loves to help unload the dishwasher.

I can’t believe we’re knocking on one year… he’s growing up so fast.


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