Reason #587 Why I Love Him

Last night Jim was at the dinner for his company’s annual trade show.  One of the reps from another company who apparently ALWAYS wants my husband to go out drinking when they see each other approached my huband… the conversation went something like this…

Rep – “So, your old lady let you out of the house tonight!”
DH – “Excuse me?”
Rep – “You never come out with us, your wife must have a tight grip on you”
DH – (a bit pissed) “Sorry, you don’t understand.  I can go wherever I want whenever I want.  I happen to like my wife.  I’d rather spend time doing nothing with her than doing anything with anyone else”
Rep – “oh”

And yes ladies and gentlemen, that’s reason #587 why I love him… he likes me and wants to spend time with me.


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