Another Chapter Closed

IMG_0941 The foreground of this pictures is incredibly cute (my nephew circa 2003) but it’s the background I’m waxing nostalgic about today.  My truck.  My now sold truck.  I bought this truck from my Dad 10 days before he died.  I had it in my possession off an on for two years before Dad died as he’d be ready to sell it, then want it back.  It’s the truck Donald and I took on all of our camping trips.  There are a million memories wrapped up in it’s 124,000 miles.  But, it’s now 12 year old, had some mechanical issues and since it has a front air bag that can’t be turned off, not safe transportation for Robert.  After a lot of thought I decided to sell it.  It’s time.  If my Dad was here I’m sure he’d ask why the heck I’ve held on to it this long.  Luckily one of the teachers at the preschool is married to a mechanic who is interested.  He stopped by this morning.  He left with the truck and I gained a wad of money.  I called my nephew last night to let him know it was going to happen.  He was a little taken aback at first but in the end understood. 

Yesterday we headed out to my Mom’s bright and early.  Jim and my Uncle replaced a section of roof on her shed that had rotten out while my Mom, Aunt and I played with Robert.  He was in full entertainment mode.  Unfortunately last night he started running a bit of a fever and had an upset stomach.  Today he’s in a good mood but still the fever and a rash.  Me thinks Jim may be staying home with him tomorrow and doing the doctor’s office.  I have a golf tournament that I can’t miss.  Tonight I have to go to a silent auction and dinner associated with the golf tournament.  I’d rather stay here curled up on my couch.

Today I got Robert’s birthday invitations ready to be mailed and also got pictures and letters off to various out of town aunts and uncles. 

I think this week should be pretty easy.  I’ll be late tomorrow night but all the other nights we should both be home.  I’m hoping to get the computer area in the basement cleaned up so that it will make it easier to move stuff around to finish the tile.  I also want to see if we can find a new desk unit for the basement to take up less space than the monstrous desk that is currently down there.


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